How to draw a dancing elephant?

I saw an inspiring dance pose with a woman. I was thinking. How interesting would it be to transform this movement into an animal pose like with an elephant? It would be a great figure drawing exercise.

See how I made this dancing elephant step by step.

How to draw a dancing elephant
How to draw a dancing elephant?

What I did was to take the female figure and started to draw her pose with loose lines. I made several sketches to get a feeling of that particular motion. Once I felt it right, I started to draw the elephant using the same body posture, the same angles, and directions. It’s really not so hard to draw an elephant. It has those thick legs and arms with those specific nails. It has that heavy body, the big head with big ears, and snout of course. Finally I added some shading to the drawing to make it more 3-dimensional.

Find an interesting dancing man or woman, choose whichever animal you like, find a reference photo for that too if it’s needed, and try out this drawing exercise.

Have fun!