Procreate 5X – All New Features

At the end of Sep, 2020 Procreate, the famous drawing and painting app came out with a new version called Procreate 5X with a bunch of new features. Iā€™d like to make sure you know about them, because there are some very exciting ones.

So, I created a FREE course. Make sure you check it out!

Procreate 5X Update

Procreate 5X new features discussed:

  • Text scribble
  • Pivate Layer
  • Reference Companion
  • Instant Palette & SwatchDrop
  • Color Fill With Selection Tool
  • Transform Bounding Box Adjust & Snapping
  • Blur Brushes
  • QuickMenu Profiles
  • New Copy & Paste popup menu
  • New Adjustments & Pencil Filters (Gradient Map, Bloom, Glitch, Halftone, Chromatic Aberration)
  • Procreate Widget
  • Transparent Background Animation
  • FacePaint

Enjoy Procreate 5X new features on your iPad!