How to Use Procreate on the iPad

Are you new to Procreate drawing and painting app? It’s one of the best tools available on the iPad to create engaging artworks with the Apple Pencil. Learn how to use Procreate on the iPad in this 2.5-hour hands-on style video course. Discover the latest and most useful features of Procreate 5 app working on three different art projects. Now, watch the FREE Preview video!

What you’ll learn in this Procreate course

  • creative use of Procreate 5 app
  • learn the basics as quickly as possible
  • learn by doing
  • how to install Procreate 5
  • explore the intuitive User Interface of Procreate
  • custom settings that support your workflow the best
  • gestures to speed up your artwork creation process
  • how to use brushes, layers creatively
  • how to use layer masks for creating interesting effects
  • how to display text on your art
  • how to create animations
  • and many more


You will need an Apple iPad with the Apple Pencil (iPad Pro, iPad Air 3, iPad 7, iPad mini 5). If you don’t have one yet, check out this blog post about Which iPad is the best for drawing.

You will also need the Procreate app which you can download from the Apple App Store for $9.99.

Who is this Procreate course for?

This Procreate course is for both beginners and professionals who are new to Procreate and plan to use this amazing app for digital art creation. The course is designed to get familiar with Procreate 5 as quickly as possible. We discover the intuitive Procreate interface together going through three art projects to demonstrate the most important features of this drawing and painting software.