9 reasons why you should learn to draw

If you feel a strong desire to learn drawing or painting, then you don’t really need reasons to dive into. But I think it’s important to be aware of the benefits. They can help you to overcome the initial barriers. Because believe me, there will be some. But all the obstacles you face with will make your journey more interesting and rewarding.

Here come the positive effects I experienced right from the very beginning.

#1 – Drawing is a recreational activity

Drawing itself is a relaxing activity. Once you managed to switch off the left side of your brain which is responsible for everyday activities, you start to forget that time is passing. This is the state of mind when you start living in the moment. It’s kind of a meditation state. Being in this state feels good and helps to dispel negative thoughts and emotions. It also relieves stress or tension that you might collect in your everyday life.

#2 – Entertain yourself with drawing

Drawing is full of joy and fun. You may like to draw flowers, animals, landscapes, buildings, cars, cloths, portraits, people in motion, or illustrate stories in cartoon style. Drawing subjects that you’re interested in is always a pleasure. It’s kind of discovering the world again, just like you did when you were a child. You observed every detail of the surrounding world. You were curious, and when you got answers, you were satisfied.

#3 – Express yourself

By drawing you start to learn a new form of communication, a different way than spoken or written language. Communicating with signs or imagery is more effective than speaking. Often, you can convey complex or multiple ideas, emotions, moods with an image better than by mere verbal description. If you form your drawings the right way, people will understand your message instantly. A picture is worth a thousand words – as they say.

#4 – Drawing develops your creativity

If you think that you’re not a creative person or you often feel that your creativity is sleeping, learning and practicing drawing will definitely change that in a positive direction. Drawing opens and develops the creative part of the brain that most people don’t use often in everyday life. Expanding the creative part will make your life way more interesting. You start to realize that you’re becoming a more creative person in every area of your life. Your human relationships can even get better, because creative people are interesting for others, who they like to hang with.

#5 – Be better in problem solving

Drawing doesn’t have to be always an artistic activity. Visualizing problems can help to find solutions quicker than just thinking about something. Try to draw the problem and you will realize that it activates certain parts in your brain that can help to come up with new, fresh ideas for that problem. Drawing definitely can be a problem solving tool in business life.

#6 – Impress others with your drawings

All of us like to get positive feedback from others. I encourage you to share your sketches, drawings or paintings with your friends and family from the beginning. Most people know nothing about art and will find your drawings fascinating even they are not perfect. On the other hand, if a trained eye sees your artwork, he or she might give you useful feedback or pinpoint issues that you need to work on. This is a good thing. Critics from a competent person in the right form can help you to develop further. If you get negative comments on your drawings from people with bad intention, simply just ignore them.

#7 – Have fun with your kids

Most kids like to draw and paint. It is probably an easier way for them to communicate what they feel and think. If you have children, try to get them to draw with you. You will see if it is something they like. If they do, it will be a useful and entertaining activity. You will know more about what’s happening in their little minds. Try to transform what you’ve learned about drawing into their simple language. Soon your kids will be the best of their classes.

#8 – Get a job/make a living

If you’re really into drawing or painting, and you’d like to earn money with your artworks, you can easily test if people tend to buy them. There are several online marketplaces on the internet where you can try to sell your arts with no risk. To make a living from what you really like is really something that many people would envy. You can make money as an entrepreneur or sign up for a job in an art studio. Choose whatever suits you the best.

#9 – Drawing is essential for other arts

Drawing teaches you all the fundamental knowledge that is essential for studying other arts like painting or sculpting. In drawing you learn principles that will make your life much easier in other areas.

I hope you will experience all these benefits yourself what I was talking about.