Great art sites you can get inspiration from

“If you have one person you’re influenced by, everyone will say you’re the next whoever. But if you rip off a hundred people, everyone will say you’re so original!” – Gary Panter

Taking ideas from others is not necessarily a bad thing. Every great minds get inspiration from others, build upon things that others created or invented.

It’s interesting that there are both negative and positive aspect of the same act basically. If you hear the words like plagiarize, steal, rip off, imitate, skim, you think of something that need to be disapproved. If you hear the words like study, learn from many, influenced by, transform, remix, credit, you don’t have that revulsion.

I think that there is a proper way to get inspired by others. In this spirit I collected some great art related websites, where you can get endless inspiration for your own artworks. And once you are ready, you can publish them too.

Art Station

The showcase platform for art and design, for artists, recruiters, and fans. The site has a big marketplace, a blog section, you can find jobs, pick art challenges, and it has a magazine where you can hear about upcoming art events.

Fine Art America

This site is the world’s largest art marketplace. When you are ready to show your art to the world, this site might be a good place to start selling. The greatest thing for you as an artist is that you just have to upload your artwork and the site will take care of everything else – printing, framing, shipping, and they also collect payments. You can sell prints, greeting cards, phone cases, tech accessories, home decor, lifestyle products, apparel, digital downloads, and originals too. The site use an interesting pricing logic. They set a base price for each item, and you can set your own profit on top of that.


On this site you can browse in more than 100,000 art related items like paintings, photography, drawings, illustrations, digital art, sculptures, carvings, ceramics, pottery, glass, jewelry, textile, apparel, crafts, and other art products.


Singulart is an online art gallery with 50,000+ carefully curated contemporary artworks from established and emerging artists from 80+ countries. What is special in Singulart is that they select the artists to promote and provide personal contact for everyone. Then they manage artists’ portfolio on a global market including organizing exhibitions.


This is a great site for independent artists to make a living from their creativity. Artfinder is an art marketplace for original artworks, It connects 500,000+ art lovers around the world with you – the artist, the creator. They work with commission rates.


So there are plenty of easily accessible art related materials you can feed your creativity with. Also, most of these sites offer marketplaces to sell your art when you are ready. I think that if you try to create something unique and your art conveys an important message that people can think of, or your artwork is just pleasing the eye and soul, you’ll be able to make a living from what you love to do.