how to draw a realistic rose

Flowers can make anyone’s day and there isn’t a single person who can say that they hate flowers…

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Just about any girl likes roses and the next best thing to getting a girl a rose is to draw it. Learning how to draw a rose not only lets one show another how much they are appreciated, it’s a labor of love that can have several desired meanings.

Step One: Know the Type of Rose

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All of us would know what red roses look like but there are several who are not aware that this beautiful flower comes in many colors and varieties.

The first step in learning how to draw a rose is to know exactly what kind or variant of rose that is going to be drawn and to get at least a picture of it.

Roses can be drawn freehand and once we know what variant we are going to draw, it’s time to make the outline. The outline does not have to be detailed, in fact it can consist of 2 circles to represent the flower itself, semi-curved lines to represent the stem, and roughly sketched leaves.

Step Two: Sketch the Stem and the Petals

Once we’ve drawn the circles to represent the flower, it’s time to lightly draw inside these circles to show the petals as the second step in learning how to draw a rose.

The petals are meant to overlap and curve around the other petals so there is no one perfect shape. From the petals, thicken the curved lines that represent the stem without making it too thick or too thin.

Step Three: Draw the Leaves

Jagged lines would need to be drawn on the outline of the leaves to be able to depict a realistic picture. Start with making the edges of the leaves jagged and don’t worry if the lines are not perfect because they’re not meant to be.

When learning how to draw a rose, make sure the leaves are connected to each other by drawing a leaf stem that’s connected to the flower’s stem.

Step Four: Shade the Leaves and the Flowers

Now it’s time to look into the final details of learning how to draw a rose. Shading starts from the inner part of the leaf’s stem and it gets lighter as we move out towards the jagged edges. Consider lighting also in that if one has drawn a leaf that is tucked away, this should be shaded darker than a leaf that is right in front.

Bonus: One of our favorite videos on artistically creating a rose…

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