How to Draw a Lotus Flower

how to draw a lotus flower

How to Draw a Lotus Flower…

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Use the picture above for step by step instructions, watch this short video below, or keep reading to see how to draw a lotus flower.

How To Draw A Lotus Flower…

This tutorial by drawingandcrafts breaks down how to draw a lotus bud, a blooming lotus, and a lotus leaf. The lotus flower is a symbol of purity and beauty (think bright flower on top of a murky pond) and is often associated with rebirth among many different cultures.

Let’s learn how to draw a Lotus flower. Lotuses are different – the Nile pink and American yellow. First, let’s learn how to draw a pink Lotus flower.


The flower is very similar to white water Lily, it consists of many oval petals, arranged in concentric circles. When I considered the structure of the flower,I decided not to start right from difficulties, but first learn to draw the Bud of a Lotus. Just look at the method.

Lotus Bud drawing

Sequentially adding layers of petals and here is a picture Lotus Bud:

Lotus Bud drawing

We are now ready to draw a full-blown flower.

Lotus flower drawing step by step

Outline the stem and a conical receptacle

Lotus flower drawing

Let us denote the directions of the petals and draw the inner circle:

Lotus flower step by step

Add the next circle of petals:

Lotus petals drawing

And finish this story with the third round:

Lotus line drawing

And now let’s outline with color:

Lotus flower outline

If you paint completely, then it will be like this:

Lotus Flower colored drawing

Now you know how to draw a Lotus Flower. However, the flowers require the leaves, right? Let us further draw a Lotus leaf.

Lotus leaf drawing

The Lotus leaf is round and long petiole includes in its center, not from the side. Like the leaf of nasturtium.

Lotus leaf drawing

From the center of the leaf numerous veins diverge like rays.

 Lotus leaf drawing

Let`s colour our  leaf drawing:

Lotus leaf drawing