How To Draw A Simple Flower

how to draw a simple flower

How to draw a simple flower

How to draw a simple flower…

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Image source: Marcos Peterson

Use the picture above for drawing inspiration, watch this short video below, or keep reading to see how to draw a simple flower in 4 easy steps.

Daisies, sunflowers, and tulips are a good place to start when learning how to draw a simple flower. Sometimes it’s helpful to look at a real flower or a picture of one when starting out. The great thing about drawing a simple flower is you can be flexible with colors, type of flower, etc.  The tutorial below from Draw Central will show you how to draw as simple flower (in this case, a daisy) in just 4 simple steps.

For any beginner artists out there, this will be one of our easiest tutorials to date. Let’s get going!

To get our daisy started, we will first need to draw a long, thin line for the flower’s stem.

At the top of this line, draw two circles, one inside the other. The inside circle will become the center of the daisy, and the outside circle will define the boundary line of the petals.

Next, draw a couple ovals that connect the two circles together. As you can see, the outside circle defines how long each petal will be.

Continue to draw more petals until you have gone around the daisy completely.

To give your flower a more natural look, experiment with overlapping the petals, and drawing some just a bit longer or shorter than the rest.

:Next, draw a curved “C” shaped line to form an indent in the center of your daisy.

You can also draw a very thin line that runs down the center of each petal.

Color in your daisy, and you’re done! Usually, most daisies are white. But you can find them in almost any color under the sun.

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