How to Draw Anime Eyes

how to draw anime eyes

How to draw anime eyes

How to draw anime eyes…


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There are infinite different ways to draw anime eyes with varying color, shape, etc. Watch the video below to see how to draw anime eyes or keep reading to see how to draw anime eyes in as little steps as possible.


The eyes are an important feature of an anime person. They are used to express all kinds of emotions. You can tell what mood an anime character is in from the way the eyes are drawn. But it can be challenging for a beginner to draw them evenly. So, this article by mangatuts demonstrates how to draw anime eyes for beginners.

Since anime eyes vary in styles, shapes, sizes and colors, you can be creative when drawing them.

These female anime eyes are what you are going to learn to draw right now. Are you ready? OK, let’s begin!

Tips to Remember

  • Eyes are an eye apart.
  • Light source determines where the highlights and shadow goes.
  • Females typically have longer eye lashes and thinner eye brows.

Tutorial about how to draw anime eyes for beginners

To draw anime eyes evenly, we’ll create a few guidelines to help with the proportions. Draw two horizontal lines. Divide them in half with a vertical line like so. (Draw them lightly so they can be easily erased.) Within these lines we’ll place the lids, pupil,iris eyelash, and eye brows.

When you’re drawing anime eyes, imagine that there are three of them but the eye in the middle is invisible. See those 3 eggs that I use to represent them? You don’t really need to draw these.

How to use guides to help beginners draw anime eyes

Draw the shape of both eyes “remembering to leave an eye space between them.” Of course this shape will depend on your style. Keep practicing and you will come up with styles on your own.

Then add more volume making the outline thicker as shown in the image.

draw anime eyes for beginners

Add in the pupils and irises. Then draw the lids below the top guide line.

anime pupils irises and lids

Now do the eyelashes. Females will typically have longer more visible lashes which make them look feminine…as it should.

Draw the eyebrows. They are usually thinner and appear higher on a girl’s face than males. In this case you can draw them above the line.

Drawing anime eyes female for beginner

How to Draw Anime Eyes with Shadows and Highlights

Ready to bring the eyes to life with shading and highlights? OK then.

Think about where the light is coming from when shading the eyes. This will let you know where the highlights will go.

Add the highlights; an anime girl may be drawn with a bit more highlight than a boy’s.  It’s another feminine thing. And finally, add the shadows accordingly.

OK, so that wraps up how to draw anime eyes for females. Let’s move on to the male.

draw anime eyes shading and highlights

How to Draw Male Anime Eyes for a Beginner

Now it’s time to draw male anime eyes. Use the same technique while taking the notes below into consideration.

The male eyes have a few details more or less which distinguish him from the female. His eyes are usually smaller, eyebrows are closer to the eyes, highlights maybe smaller and the eyelashes are less visible if at all. Look at the boy’s eyes below. And take a look at this guy’s. See how masculine his face appear with eyes and brows?

how to draw anime eyes for beginners male

Like I’ve mentioned previously, this is just one style of eyes in the anime world. Practice drawing them and try and come up with styles of your own. Try different shapes, and sizes. You’d be amazed at what you can do even as a beginner.