How To Draw a Dog Face

how to draw a dog face

How to draw a dog face

How To Draw A Dog Face…

how to draw a dog face

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Learn how to draw a dog face in 11 simple steps. Drawing is something that comes really easily to gifted people, but is not so easy for the rest of us. Usually it just takes a little practice for anyone to develop an artistic skill, even one like drawing. For those of us who just don’t have the time or effort to put to learning, an easy guide is what your looking for. These steps below from drawinghowtodraw will help you learn how to draw a dog face. In fact it is so easy that it can be taught to all ages. Follow the steps below:

Step 1

how to draw a dog face

Lightly draw an oval. Then draw guidelines thru it to help you in later steps.

Step 2


Lightly draw a rectangle.


Step 3

how to draw a dog face

  • Draw a letter ‘w’-like shape for the nose.
  • Draw a letter ‘y’-like shape where the eye would be.

Step 4


  • Draw some sideways, letter ‘s’-like shapes on the rectangle.
  • Draw a curved line in the eye.

Step 5


  • Draw more letter ‘s’-like shapes at the ear location.
  • Draw a circle in the eye.
  • Draw a backwards letter ‘L’-like shape on the nose.

Step 6


  • Draw some ?-like shapes on the dog.
  • Draw an ovalish shape in the eye.
  • Draw a letter ‘m’ like shape on the snout of the dog.

Step 7


  • Draw some letter ‘T’ shapes and a letter ‘F’ shape.
  • Draw a ?-like shape in the snout.
  • Add a few other details.

Step 8


  • Add a letter ‘T’ shape at the bottom left of the dog.
  • Draw a curved line in the chin.
  • Add a few more details in the ear.

Step 9


– Now you have all the major lines done. So now you just add shadows and fur lines.

Step 10


Step 11

how to draw a dog face

Finished Drawing of Terrier’s Face


And here you have the finished dog’s face. I hope that you learned how to draw the Terrier’s face and that your picture turned out amazingly!