How To Draw A Dog Step By Step …

how to draw a dog step-by-step

How to draw a dog step by step…

how to draw a dog step by step

Image source: thedrawbot

Follow these simple steps shown above, watch this short video below, or keep reading to see how to draw a dog step by step.

Dog is domesticated animal, which is hugely adopted worldwide. If you are a dog lover and at the same time an art enthusiast, this step by step dog drawing guide is for you. There are more than 150 dog breeds, divided into 8 classes: sporting, hound, working, terrier, toy, non-sporting, herding, and miscellaneous. This easy tutorial by David Williams will show you how to draw a dog step by step. However, you can take what you learn in this tutorial as the foundation of your dog drawing and apply it to other dog breeds.

What you will need:

  • pencil
  • paper

Step 1

Construct the dog’s head with a lightly drawn circle, about 1 ½ inches (4 cm) in diameter. Use this as a unit for figuring the entire height of the dog, which is about four and a third heads (circles) tall. Make four construction marks below the circle.



Step 2

Continue constructing the head by using broken lines to avoid details while keeping it simple and blocky. Draw the general shape of the muzzle at the lower left of the circle. Construct the ear with a triangle and add two lines for the neck, as shown.



Step 3

The shoulders hide much of the back and the hind end appears to curve right out of the neck, which is extreme, but possible with three-quarter view. Draw the two curving lines to the right of the neck and the two lines for the chest at the lower left. The width of the circle and triangle together should be equal to the width of the tail end. 

Step 4

The tail construction is made of two curved lines that point back to the head. The outside of the dog’s right foreleg is straight and angled while the inside is slightly curved where muscles attach to the bones. Block in the foot also.

Step 5

Block in the dog’s left foreleg and notice that the right contour is vertical. Draw a horizontal construction line to prepare for the placement of the rear feet in the next step. The width of the line to the right is the same as the diameter of the construction circle for the head.

Step 6

The dog’s left rear leg is a combination of gentle curves and straight parts due to muscle and bone. Generally, the upper part of all the legs is muscular and the lower part is bony. The belly line curves up and meets the leg. This leg looks compressed and narrow because it is viewed from the front. 

Step 7

The sloping interior lines of the chest and the diagonal lines of the dog’s right rear leg create depth and add contrast to the previous vertical lines. The slight curve of these lines and the overlap of the rear area by the front create volume, depth, and interest.

Step 8

Draw the features of the face. The broken contours keep the eye from looking too heavy or flat. The eyes should be level with the ears and nostrils. Shade the muzzle and the undersides of the ears. 

Step 9

Now that you know how to draw a dog step by step, you can make that portrait of your favorite canine! Happy drawing!